5 Oct 2022

The case for a small 8m amateur band

In my view, the case for a tiny 5 kHz wide amateur band at 8m is overwhelming. Such a narrow allocation has many, many merits:

These are my proposals:

  • 40.680-40.685 MHz (just 5 kHz in total)
  • 50W maximum (even less would be OK, personally I would settle for 10W)
  • Only narrow, digital modes (no speech)
  • Only allocated by notice of variation or equivalent
  • Strictly non-interference (any trouble, reduced power or be closed down)

Please try to persuade your licencing authority to support this, even by individuals seeking permission in the early years. 

8m is on the very boundary between HF and VHF and radio amateurs could contribute so very much and gain self training.

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