11 Aug 2022

Grumpy old man!! Definitely! - NOT amateur radio

This email came to me a few days ago. I hate this sort of thing. It was obviously generated by a computer and sent out as the law says they have to. 

It is a bit like those really annoying things that ask you to approve cookies, which most people accept without reading.  They are a "good idea", but not if most just say "accept" to get rid of them!

Also banks where at one time you could have chat with your local branch manager. Now, you are just an account number with a call centre across the seas. All personal interaction has largely gone.

In many ways 21st century living is better. In many ways it is worse.


Anonymous said...

Nothing of what you wrote makes any sense. Have you been drinking?

The email was quite well written so couldn't have been generated by a computer. It might have been distributed by one and probably by one you interacted with - you probably didn't tick a box, or maybe you did. Don't blame the company. I doubt they are spamming you.

The emails are a good idea because not everyone understands the difference between their energy supplier and distributor. If just one or two folks get the message then it was worth while.

Not everyone was gifted with your acumen. You really are a grumpy old man. You should let stuff like this go.

Roger G3XBM said...

No,I had not been drinking, HI. What I find frustrating is there are many things that are good about today, but also so many things that are well intentioned that make things worse. 73s Roger G3XBM.