28 Jun 2022

En Route - NOT amateur radio

For the first time since 2019 I am off to Devon by coach to see my brother. I usually go by train, but industrial action is making this hard at the moment. The photo shows the coach. I prefer the train, but have little choice. 


ken g4apb said...

Found this in a 1976 copy of Radcom……
While G3XBM was holidaying in South Devon he amused himself by conducting some low-power experiments on
14M Hz. Having already worked into the Channel Isles and Britany with a 1W fm hand-held portable transceiver, Roger caried out asuccesful test with FOCEM/M, 160km away in Tregestel, Britany, using ahome-built 10mW a.m. transceiver. This transceiver, about the size of aSwan Vesta matchbox, was powered by asingle P3 batery, and the aerial used was aA/2 whip……..

Those were the days….
73 Ken g4apb

G1KQH said...

BR motto from the past:

"We're getting there" :-)

73's Steve

Anonymous said...

Indeed they were Ken!! No amateur radio this time. 73s Roger G3XBM

Anonymous said...

On occasions 😉😉but not Glastonbury!! G3XBM

Anonymous said...

One of the things I miss about Devon is the very useful train services.
I dare say many thousands of rail users are missing them too.
That said there are some excellent heritage railways in Devon and Somerset, mostly run by volunteers..