30 Jun 2022

Echolink password

 As I was awake early and in bed awaiting others, I thought I should try Echolink again after a break of well over a year. I am using the app on my phone. It asked for my password that I have forgotten and I cannot see how to reset it. Looks like I shall have to give it a miss. 


trunky said...


ken g4apb said...

OMG, this is not something you try away from home! I used Echolink many years ago so I thought I would try it on my iPad. IOS version IS available but they want licence validation. This involves logging onto Ofcom site to get a copy but I could not remember my old password....1 password reset later, I get a .pdf download of my licence (3 pages), but Echolink want only page 1. Guess what- I could not copy the single page and save it to a separate file on my iPad.... SO, back to the printer and laptop, to get page 1 on paper, then I had to photo the printed page using my mobile phone, email this photo to my laptop to save as a .jpg file. Then this file could be uploaded to Echolink...finally. Now they say, gotta wait 24 hours for validation....
Maybe see you on there Roger.
8m has been dire again, no wspr spots despite running 10watts, no FT8 contacts either (20watts out). I have tried three different antennae, 8m magloop, 8m fan dipole in attic, trapped dipole outside at 10m high- result - zero!
73 Ken G4APB

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. Password reset. 73s Roger G3XBM

ken g4apb said...

Got my licence validation but now Echolink rejects my brand new password grrrr. Thanks to Trunky for the link to reset it... but says can take 15 mins to update! I may get one eventually! Oh what fun..
Nothing again all day on 8m wspr nor FT8, I am wondering if very something is wrong here.
73 Ken G4APB