4 Apr 2021

Easter - NOT amateur radio

These days I am not very religious. I accompanied my wife to church this morning, but it was a very sad occasion with social distancing, no singing and pre-booking. Normally the churches are full at Easter. Not this year.

All the time I am aware of how narrow the Christian faith, indeed all religions, are. How can so many people in so many different religions all believe they are right? My own view is all these are hints at the truth. Not one has the answer.

Human beings find it very hard to deal with our finite lives. The universe is so vast and the chances of intelligent life existing elsewhere are high.

Whatever your views on religions, I hope that the next year brings you peace and happiness. We have all had a difficult 12 months with most things we took for granted gone. Let us hope we can all return to something more normal soon.

Perhaps I could best be described as agnostic: I really do not know what I believe. Something within me hints that love is important and that care for others and our world are important.

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