21 Feb 2021

80m QRP FT8 (Sunday)

For a total change, I am trying 2.5W FT8 to the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground on 80m.  So far, nobody has spotted me and just 1 G spotted on 80m FT8 RX - G6KUI (136km).

UPDATE 1600z:  G6TEL (233km) has spotted me well on TX and 17 stations spotted here on RX.

UPDATE 1751z: 221 stations spotted on RX with the furthermost R7GW (3240km). On TX spotted by 5 stations with the furthermost being F5PGT (480km). The earth-electrode "antenna" obviously has an SWR just over 3:1 so the FT991A auto ATU will not tune, but the FT817ND is OK still. This odd "antenna" still works fine on 80m. As I have said before, the XYL and neighbours do not even know it is there!

UPDATE 1922z: 433 stations spotted so far on 80m FT8 RX and 15 stations have spotted me on 80m FT8 TX with the furthermost EA1N (1076km) in northern Spain.

UPDATE 2120z:  596 stations spotted on RX in 3 continents. 18 stations have spotted me on TX.

UPDATE 2235z: 660 stations spotted on RX. Now RX only for the overnight period. 

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