22 Feb 2021

160m QRP (Monday)

At 1103z, I decided to try 160m FT8 QRP with 2.5w and the earth-electrode "antenna".  It is now 1109z and so far no spots, although it is daylight.

 (UPDATE 1434z:  3 G spots of my 2.5W QRP 160m FT8 TX. No spots yet on RX.

UPDATE 1532z:  The first DX has started to appear with DK3UA (869km) on the Baltic coast of Germany about 70 miles north of Berlin. Still just 3 G spots of my 2.5W FT8 160m QRP.

UPDATE 1818z: 12 spots of my 160m FT8 QRP on TX and all over Europe spotted on RX as shown in the map.

UPDATE 1945z: Already 31 spots of my 160m FT8 QRP TX has been spotted in 9 countries with the furthermost OE9GNV (869km). Amazing, with just the FT817ND and the small earth-electrode "antenna" which the XYL and neighbours don't even realise is there! This "antenna" system really works for me.

UPDATE 2120z:  
37 spots this evening of my 2.5W 160m FT8 QRP on TX as shown on the second map. Quite astounding how something this poor works with such low power! It seems obvious to me that this setup is working remarkably well. I shall probably go RX only overnight.

UPDATE 2220z: 41 stations spotted this evening.

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