27 Jun 2020

VERY old photo - NOT amateur radio

This photo first appeared on my blog in 2010. It shows a man who is supposed to have been been born in 1746!

If correct, this must be one of the earliest photos of a human being ever. This is well before the French Revolution, when the USA colonies were still "owned"  by Great Britain and more than a century before the American Civil War.

I have no idea where this first appeared. As I recall, the first photos were taken in the late 1830s or early 1840s.

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MarkD said...

Using Google image search I found it on this web site http://www.borguez.com/inmaraviglia/page/2/
Apparently it was developed in the USA in 1848 and he is supposed to be 102 years old at the time of the photograph, so born in 1746.
Mark VK6WV