22 Jun 2020

6m FT8

53 spots of my 10W to the V2000 vertical omni antenna on 6m FT8 so far this morning and 21 stations spotted on RX. No QSOs yet. I see Spanish stations are calling Japanese stations, although nothing from the Far East spotted here and my signal is not being copied there. It is now 0832z.

UPDATE 1005z:  80 stations have spotted my 6m FT8 10W so far this morning.

UPDATE 1310z: First spot of me today in the USA on 6m FT8 TX by W6IZT (4147 miles). So far today 144 spots of me.

UPDATE  2040z:  Now QRT. In all, 151 stations have spotted me on 6m FT8 in 3 continents.

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