17 Aug 2018

Visitor Map - NOT amateur radio

Usually I can see where visitors to my blog are from. This was very useful to see where hackers were located. This is a map visible only to me. For several days now, this has not been working. It looks like a Google issue, which I hope is soon resolved.

Lately, several things seem to be getting worse. Several of our famous high street shops have closed as we buy more and more online. Our only bank in the village has closed (similar reason). Picasa no longer allows me to send photos, etc. It almost seems we are going backwards!


G1KQH said...

It's the same on mine.


73 Steve

Anonymous said...

On WSPRnet the same has happened. Something to do with Google maps no longer allowing free access. You have to buy a key now but it seems to be $200 PA !! So far there is no solution.

73 Ken G4APB