16 Aug 2018

New projects

Someone recently asked me if I had any plans for new projects. Well, at the moment, I have not given this too much thought.

I fancy trying 136 and 472kHz RX with a decent antenna in the form of an E-field probe in the garden in a quiet spot. Up to now I have only tried these bands with compromise antennas and it would be good to find out what I can copy with an EFP in a quiet spot in the garden. Maybe I shall not transmit on MF/LF this autumn and winter?

I also fancy a better try on 4m. This means erecting an antenna for the band as presently I have none. At this QTH I have never been on 4m. 4m FT8 and WSPR could be good.

It is years since I tried 23cm reception.

In the end it will probably be none of these!

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