21 Aug 2018

Catch 22 - NOT amateur radio

This book is always rated highly but I have yet to speak with anyone who has enjoyed it. I managed to get through it, but found it boring as hell. My wife has tried several times, but always given up! We gave away our copy (keep it PLEASE) and were only too glad to get rid of it. Maybe it means more if you are American and it was read years ago?

If you read it, I'd like to know how you got on.

I still find it hard to see why it is so highly rated.

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Kelly said...

I loved Catch-22. I can't imagine a better book to introduce folks who've never served in the military what it's like to deal with the routine amounts of idiocy that military service foists upon its members.

The sequel wasn't as good, but that's practically a tautology.