25 Oct 2015

The UK and China - NOT amateur radio

The wooing of China by the UK bothers me. This last week we have bent over backwards to "love" China. I guess this is a move to get inward investment, more exports and help with our nuclear power plants. At the same time China is carrying out a sabotage job on UK manufacturing (partly of our own making) and soon we will have no industry left at all, with all our manufacturing in China or its neighbours.

No, I have the feeling this is not in our best interests at all.

See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34626936 .

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G1KQH said...

I have to agree, China will get more out of the bargain than us..

Ask John Towers of Rover what he got from China? They just waited for it all to go bust and took the plant back home with them, now part of Chinese Automotive..

The Chinese are not daft like us, likeable yes but certainly not stupid!

73 Steve