17 Oct 2015

RadCom and the IC7300

My RadCom arrived by post today. Unlike in the recent edition of PW, the advertisers were publishing details of the new ICOM radio and were keen to take deposits. Perhaps they have got later data? I quite like the look of the new IC7300 radio, but feel the price will soon fall to £799 or less. I can wait. I may wait to see what the FT817 replacement looks like. A 5W (or maybe 10W) radio would suit my needs better.

The latest RadCom has a review of ICOMs latest flagship radio, the IC7851, selling for around £9000. Does anyone really spend this sort of money on amateur radio gear?  With PSU, tower, big beam and big rotator this implies over £10000 on amateur gear. I suppose some people must spend this sort of money. My FT817 has served me for over 14 years now. To me, this was an investment and I had to give it careful thought.  I wonder how many XYLs are happy for their husbands to spend over £10000 on a hobby?

Each to their own. If you really have that kind of disposable income how you spend it is your decision.


G1KQH said...

I guess they must as they wouldn't make such expensive gear and the dealers would be bust if they didn't have decent turnover.

£10'000 here would be a new kitchen and bathroom, I have never paid anything near this sum for Ham gear and won't be trying it either, otherwise it may be

73 Steve

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Oh yes, they sell it. But I think those people that buy it have top jobs and are not married. I don't know? I know this guy always buys expensive gear: http://www.pa3hgt.nl/IC7851.htm and he has a 7851. But is expensive really better?
I'll try and save for a IC-7300 once. 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Bas and Steve, I am with you both - there is no way I could spend £10000 on our hobby! If I buy a new radio it has to be good and last for many years. At the right price I would consider the FT991 or the IC7300.

Unknown said...

I'm guessing the owner of the 15 plate Ferrari I saw earlier could probably get one from pocket change. Must of the rest of us.........

G1KQH said...

It is just another world, but as Bas says, cutting through the stacks of unnecessary
dials and stuff that make it look good or make your best mate swoon with jealousy. Can one really see any difference in performance difference from the Thousand Pounder??

I used to read all the write up's about various DVD players as they came to market, when the craze started. I bought a £200 model, a £99 model and for a laugh a £35 model. Non of them produced any difference in sound or picture quality which you could distinguish between.

73 Steve