11 Oct 2015

MLS FT991 video

MLS have dropped their price to match the competition this weekend, but I expect to see further falls soon They have a nice video introducing this radio.


Todd Dugdale said...

Strictly anecdotal, three local operators have bought the FT-991 and returned it after owning it less than a week. One of those three is an outrageous Yaesu fanatic, and he was bitterly disappointed in the radio. He's a guy who thought it nothing to buy a (third) brand-new FT-897D for an APRS gateway, but he told me that the FT-991 was cheaply made and not worth the money. When the first two guys told me that the FT-991 wasn't worth the money, I suspected that they were just being cheap. But when this third guy said the same thing, I knew that there had to be something to it.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Todd. It may be anecdotal, but it says a lot.