26 Oct 2015

Last words on Sputnik Days?

From ON6WJ and Oleg....

"to Sputnik
dear Oleg (and radiofriends)
thank you very much for the magnificent “Sputnik” Certificate:
Here proud to be the owner of such exclusive “Award”
will print this on “brilliant photopaper” to decorate the shackwall.
Here no contester at all , neither a chaser for Diploma’s,Awards or Certificates,
but this “Souvenir” will be cherished ,always remembering me the ufb  QRPp QSO’s we had !

Spasibo Oleg

(ps Sputnik Certificate already to see at my QRZ.com page hi)

> Dear Space Friends,
> Thanks for all operators taken part in the Sputnik QRPp Days!
> I send memorable certificates for all "Cosmonauts" and "Astronauts".
> The  list  of  all  participants  over  all  years  (2015 and before)
> published on the "Sputnik" page of Club 72 site - www.club72.su
> Cosmonauts: AA1TJ, DL3PB, OM6TC, ON6WJ, UA1CEX, UA3UAD, US5EVD
> Astronauts:  AA1TJ,  DL3PB,  OK1DPX,  ON6WJ,  RV3GM,  UA1ASB, UA1CEG,
> Also,  you can see results and pictures on the "Archive" page of Club
> 72 site.
> If  I  miss or forget somebody or something, put my nose to the facts
> :-)
> 72! beep-beep-beep...
> Deep Space Communications Center
> operator on duty -
> Oleg ("Mr. 72") RV3GM / KH6OB"

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