11 Oct 2015

Illness - NOT amateur radio

This last week, in addition to the problems that remain as a result of my stroke, I was laid low by a nasty stomach bug.  Even now, I am sure this is draining me as I feel even more exhausted than normal. Usually I feel wobbly when walking but the levels of extreme fatigue were easing. I still got exhausted doing physical or mental things for 15-20 minutes or more, but with rest I soon recovered.

These last few days I have lost weight because of my stomach bug and I feel abnormally tired. I have routine doctors appointment on Thursday and I will discuss if there are not signs of things getting back to todays' "normal".

To be honest, I have not felt well for some weeks.


G1KQH said...

You need a new rig like the FT-991 to brighten up your life..

I will have a word with Santa when I take the kids to the Grotto this December..

Or I could write him a letter:

Dear Santa

My friend Roger needs a new rig this year to cheer him up and give him something new to talk about.

When you are on your rounds during the 24th this year, could you bring with you either an Icom IC-7300 if it has been released? Or a New Yaesu HF and drop it down G3XBM's chimmey.

I am sure his XYL will make sure he is well tucked up in his bed when you deliver and will leave you a nice sherry, mince pie, and some carrots for the reindeers.

Hope you can fix it for him.

Kind regards



Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Steve. I probably will buy one of these 2 but the price needs to fall further and of course be available. It may be next year - I am in no great hurry. I might just wait to see what the FT817 replacement looks like although I imagine it will be autumn 2016 AT LEAST before this is bug-free and available in the UK.