10 Oct 2015

10m and 6m WSPR so far today

I have been WSPRing on these 2 bands for about 40 minutes so far today.  No success, as yet, but I hope to be on both bands all day. Even some DX inter-G would be of  interest.

UPDATE 1142z:  Although 10m remains quiet, I have spotted M0ICR (90km) and been spotted by G6AVK (78km) on 6m. When my PC closed unexpectedly it left my power on 6m as 5mW, whereas it has been 1W ERP all day om 6m and my 10m beacon (does not use PC) is 500mW.

UPDATE 1400z next day: The M0ICR spots were in error. The settings were NOT for 12 hours but a whole week, and M0ICR was spotted earlier in the last week.

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