22 Jun 2015

New country (I think) on 6m WSPR

EA6GF (1428km) in JM19gm, has spotted me several times recently on 6m WSPR. This is the Balearic Is in the Med. Obviously Es.  I have worked this country on QRP SSB on 6m in previous summers.

UPDATE 1428z:  So far this summer, no sign of North African stations on 6m WSPR. In previous summer Es seasons CN8LI was a very regular reporter, but totally absent (for me) this summer.

UPDATE 1810z:  6m WSPR has been good all day with Es propagation. These are just the recent spots. As you can see, some of the signals are very strong.
Recent 6m WSPR spots
UPDATE 1855z:  Just exchanged  6m WSPR spots with CN8LI (2113km). Signals are strong too.  Funny!

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Hugh said...

Today (Tuesday) back to usual 6m Sporadic E short jumps. Boy yesterday was good! I think this was NOT Es but the MUF pushed right up to 50MHz with the high proton counts. I was receiving in all directions from here (Paris) Hugh G6AIG