23 Jun 2015

Sunspots and 10m - June 23rd 2015

Sunspot number today is 77 with very disturbed conditions (K=8) and 10m - in fact all HF bands - expected to be "poor". Do not expect much on HF today.  Es may give us some EU and possibly further DX on 10m and 6m.

Overnight and this morning I am just being spotted on 10m by local G4IKZ (18km). Although very early, no signs of Es here on 10m yet.

Best DX on 6m overnight was G0OQK (98km) - spots both given and received - and a single spot received from G8DOR (103km). A reminder that I use 1W ERP on 6m (V2000 vertical) and 500mW on 10m (Par 10/20/40m end fed low wire).

UPDATE 1026z:  Conditions have improved a little with K=6 now. Still disturbed though.

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