7 Jun 2015

Autumn projects

OK, it is only just summer according to the Met Office and already I am thinking about autumn projects. A lot depends on my health - particularly my stamina and giddiness. Some antenna work will need help from local friends unless I make some dramatic improvements. Things on the list include:
  • A stacked big wheel antenna for 2m SSB/CW/WSPR, This would be instead of the hand-rotated 3 el yagi. About the same horizontal gain but omni, so better for beacons and contests?
  • A decent antenna and ground for LF/MF.
  • Some field tests on VLF/136kHz/optical (currently unlikely because of health).
  • A better dedicated antenna for 10m WSPR (possibly a magnetic loop).
Overall, I want to make my home set-up as effective as I can before the winter. My health is still my biggest drawback, preventing much practical constructional work.

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