31 Dec 2013

Logging into a Windows PC and 10m WSPR

When I came to log in on my old (lab) Windows XP PC today it was a nightmare. Firstly it had not been used for almost 4 months and refused to bring up the log-in page. Then I'd forgotten my log-in details: even my old hint did not help. In the end after many attempts all was sorted but what a struggle with my poor addled brain currently. I've even made a small start on the tax return online. At the moment I am making lots of typos on the PC and everything takes twice as long as it did.

 I've started WSPRing on 10m for the first time since September! My old life is slowly returning, thank God. Not bad reports too.

Initial 10m WSPR reports with 2W out


Sam said...

Have a great New Year, Roger. I hope all goes well and you are out permanently from the 6th.
Sam, G4DDK

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news Roger!!
Best wishes for the New Year and great to see you back again. 73

Steve VE7SL

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, great to see you back. Back home from the hopital, I realized, that the hobby is nice, but the family live comes first. Please take your time and enjoy! 73, Bert

Tim said...

Great to see you back, Roger!

Happy New Year.

73, Tim G4VXE

Anonymous said...

Very good to see you back at the "controls". Happy new year to you and yours!

Robert LA4ANA

xxx said...

Happy New Year Roger and what a wonderful surprise to see you again on my 10m wspr screen! It's good to have you back. 73s Chris 4X1RF