1 Sept 2013

Removing earth rods?

At my old QTH I have 3 solid copper earth rods driven in about 0.8m into the soil. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to remove these please? They are pretty solidly embedded in the soil but it would be good to be able to reuse these at the new QTH as solid copper earth rods are not cheap.


Unknown said...

Hello Roger

One of the ideas I have seen for putting them in the ground has involved continually soaking the ground around the rods and vibrating them while secured in the chuck of one of those SDS power drills where the rotation can be locked.
I imagine this method should work well enough in reverse although its not something I have tried myself.

Best of luck though as I imagine whatever method you end up using its going to be pain to get the rods out in a useable condition

Kevin G6UCY

Anonymous said...

Hello Roger you could try clamping a small vice or Mole grips to the earth rod and the use a car jack to jack the rods out of the ground using the vice or grips for the jack to push against.

Regards Chris G8OCV

Anonymous said...

agree with vibration, and soaking, perhaps a set of stilsons to apply some gentle rotation?


Anonymous said...

Use your garden hose as a water drill to loosen the rod up. Firmly fasten a rope to the top of the rod and pull upward with your LEGS not your back. 73's David WB4ONA

Anonymous said...

ARRL method in one of their "Hints and Kinks" columns years ago addressed this issue. They recommend using a car jack which you put on a piece of wood to spread the load over the soft soil. The top of the jack is attached with a u clamp to the earth rod. And wind out the earth rod inch by inch.
You can achieve some impressive leverage with this method without risking life, limb or back.

Good luck