10 Sept 2013

More 10m WSPR

With the weather miserable here today - I just managed to cut the grass before the rain set in - I went on 10m WSPR mid-afternoon to see what was doing. With 2W I got a couple of reports from 4X1RF at 3519km at -3 and 0dB S/N, which is VERY strong, but nothing else so far.

This evening, I hope to be WSPRing on 472kHz again (using the original earth-electrode arrangement still) whilst we entertain my brother and his wife. They are coming to stay for a few days. I shall be checking results periodically using my iPod Touch monitoring the WSPRnet database in between drinks and eating dinner.

POSTSCRIPT: I was just about to QSY away from 10m when I noticed I had spotted K3NAL at 5930km. At the time of writing, I seem to be the only European station copying him. Maybe I shall stay on 10m a little longer this afternoon, or perhaps try 10m PSK31 for some QSOs. 10m is another "magic band". Less so at the peak of the cycle but often open to distant places when not expected and definitely under-used in the quiet solar years.  

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