9 Sept 2013

First 10m spot from the new QTH + more on 20m

Today I ran WSPR on 10m to see what propagation was like. Although European stations further south were catching N-S openings trans-equatorial openings and even VK6, it was harder going from here in the UK and I only managed 1 spot with 2W and that was from 4X1RF - thank you.

Back on 20m it was a different story where I had a huge number of reports from places including KL7L in Alaska,  with just 500mW to the Par EF-10/20/40 antenna. 20m is always a good bet, although not one of my usual favourite bands.

As the autumn progresses I hope 10m will come back to life again. Conditions should be excellent in October and November with still decent sunspot numbers and of course the big CQWW DX contests to add to the activity levels. By autumn next year things will certainly be on the slide down to the next minimum, but the slope down is gradual and conditions can remain decent for several more years yet.

I really must get the full transceiver version of my 10m WISPY WSPR rig boxed up so I can free up the FT817 to do other things.

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