8 Aug 2013

Starting to equip new shack

Although our move is a few days away still, I am starting to move my equipment across to the new shack. I may erect my V2000 vertical this weekend too, so that I can have a first QSO from the new shack on the East Cambs 2m FM net on 144.575MHz next Monday at 8pm.

I am debating where to put the triband antenna: either on a gable end over the garage or on a longer pole attached to the rear wall of the garage. The latter would make antenna changes slightly easier as the pole would be attached at ground level, so no ladder climbing needed.

My understanding is that outside of a conservation area I do not need planning permission for a second antenna on the house such as a V2000 vertical as long as the linear horizontal dimension is not greater than 1m, which it would not be. A 2m big wheel on the same pole would probably be OK too. I should be able to string a 10m or 15m dipole from this support to a tree at the other end of the garden that would feed conveniently into the shack just below.


Anonymous said...

Who are these "Planning" people? The Government? Seems like the days of owning a home and doing as you wish, within reason of-course, are far gone.

G1KQH said...

Your ok till some nosey neighbour turns on you and rings the council then all is let loose..

New dwellings with stuff sticking up is always going to draw attention. Better to do it via stealth and try and hide stuff in flag poles etc..

If you don't get hit via the long beaks, INTERFERANCE to TVs is another saga, especially with new aerials that wasn't around before?

Good Luck!

73 G1KQH