7 Dec 2011

You Kits SSB transceivers

For some reason I have missed the news that YouKits are producing (or about to) 2 band and 4 band HF SSB/CW transceiver kits at very reasonable prices. See http://www.youkits.com/ . One is a backpack and one a handheld. Quite interesting. See TJ2A and TJ4A code numbers on their website.


Anonymous said...

These are the guys that sold that TJ6A (Chinese?) transceiver. The design of that radio is like something out of the 1970's. I think the $400 TJ4A backpack thing has been on pre-order forever. There's no schematic for the TJ4A that I can find. The HB1B ($328 w/battery) design is using the horrible NE602's, and I'm not seeing any AGC magic going on there to help them either - yuck.

73's, David WB4ONA

Richard (G1JAJ) said...

I have built the TJ2A kit and am quite impressed for such a simple unit. It puts out about 5W on 40m and 3W on 20m. The receiver is a little insensitive but it does have AGC (though it only kicks in on really strong signals). NE602 are only used in transmit and for the product detector, not in the front end mixer (however this is a dual-gate mosfet so still not ideal). For the price though, it's a nice piece of kit. Shame there don't seem to be any more around for sale!