14 Dec 2011

FT-450D hum?

Although usually/mostly a QRP operator, I've been considering an update to my main station transceiver since selling my 10W IC703 to a local friend. One possible candidate rig is the 5-100W Yaesu FT-450D. It is getting very good reviews with excellent comments on its  receiver features. For a "full feature" HF/6m radio it is good value for money.

But, I am bothered about one thing: many reviews and comments on the FT-450D Yahoo group confirm a design issue with TX hum, believed to eminate from the poor grounding of the display unit. Nothing I've seen or heard has convinced me this widely reported issue has yet been properly fixed by Yaesu. This is not a problem with the display set to its brightest setting, but should one pay around £800 for a radio with a fundamental design issue not solved in a recent upgrade? No.  A question to Waters and Stanton asking if Yaesu has fixed it has not received a reply yet after 2 days: I suspect they don't want to say "no". I have said that if it hums it would be returned.  So, until I hear the problem has been resolved my "buy" decision is on hold. I am in no great hurry.

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Anonymous said...

hi,i have the ft450d and can confirm,the hum is there on tx and rx,there is a simple fix to stop it on tx ,i have been in touch with yaesus service manager in the uk,he said there was nothing he could do and i should get in touch with the shop i got it from,i was not impressed,they offered to carry out mod but i would have to pay postage ,30 pounds,i feel yaesu should pay but they are in denial,i intend to get back in touch with yaesu and inform them that people are now not buying the radio because of this problem, i feel i have been sold a sub standard radio,and yaesu are responsible for this.