17 Nov 2011

Google Sites website design

My wife sings in a local choir called the Cambridgeshire Choral Society. They have had a website for some years but it had not been regularly maintained, so I was asked to create this new one. This I have just done using Google Sites. Although I'm no website expert, Google Sites allows quite a credible website to be created without knowledge of HTML coding. I am quite pleased with the result and hope it encourages a few more people to attend the concerts and join the choir.

Their next major concert is in Ely Cathedral in March 2012 when they will be singing Elgar's famous "Dream of Gerontius" which is a wonderful choral work. They are also singing Britten's "St Nicolas" in late January 2012.

In the next few months I hope to tidy up my QRP website and give it a refreshed look.

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G7AQK said...

Hi Roger.

I use Google sites for my ham radio page and find it really easy to use and update.