8 May 2011

A beautiful QTH locator square

Bolberry Down - Devon UK - IO81CF
Ever wondered what one of the most beautiful QTH locator squares in the UK looks like? Try IO81CF in South Devon. This is a view along the rugged clifftops just below Bolberry Down which was the location of one of the first ever 6m contacts between the UK and the USA by G5BY back in the late 1940s. I was walking here earlier today when this photo was taken.


Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...

Roger, that a very nice view. Are there lighthouses in that area?

73, Gose

Roger G3XBM said...

Tjeerd, the nearest lighthouse is at Start Point, Devon some 10km east of this location. Next nearest is Eddystone Lighthouse, some 20km south of Plymouth.