24 May 2011

4m transverter - some builder feedback

Just got this very nice email about my 4m transverter:

Hi Roger,
               My name is Mark (mi0bdz) and I was browsing the net for 70mhz projects when I came upon your site. I could hardly believe the simplicity of the little 70mhz  transverter you designed and built. I decided to copy it. I started on Friday afternoon after gathering the bits together and completed it by Saturday evening. I could not have done this without thanking you for sharing the project,  which I class as the best usable project I have come across in many years.
   I have found that by careful selection of the TX transistors and bias resistors that 3 watts is possible. I did have to alter the values of the bias resistors quite a bit, but that is all. Everything else is as your schematic. Thankyou again for a wonderful little project. This is a gem. The sensitivity is also excellent. You were right about packing a lot into a chip indeed. Thanks again Roger.


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