24 Sept 2010

More sub-9kHz experiments

Just received this from Stefan DK7FC:
Dear LF/VLF,

Today i saw the first time a flag from Norway on my VLF Grabber (http://www.iup.uni-heidelberg.de/schaefer_vlf/DK7FC_VLF_Grabber.html). I would be very fascinated if my signal would be copied in LA/SM/OH  (of course, in all countries it would be very fascinating :-) ). Are there any stations, reading the reflector, from there who have the ability to receive on 8.97 kHz (or even 6.47 kHz) with a sensitive and stable RX frequency in DFCW-600 mode?
This would be one of my wishes for this period! One. ;-)
For this weekend i planned the next VLF experiment with the 200m vertical on 8.97 kHz but the wind forecast is not too promising :-( Maybe things look better tomorrow. I have to inform the air traffic control to give out a NOTAM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NOTAM), 48 hours befor i can start...
I will announce  tmw, if i will carry out the next test, if.
The signal would be once again the strongest i've ever radiated. About 50 mW ERP is the goal.
My planned tests for this year on VLF (kite antenna):
- CW QSO to DF8ZR (16 km distance) on 9 / 137 kHz
- Copying my signal on 8970/6470 Hz in Heidelberg in CW (40.0 km, audio recording and later analysis)
- Beeing visible in DFCW-120 in UK
- Beeing visible on the grabber of Renato Romero on 8970/6470 Hz
- Becoming QRV with the 300 m vertical antenna on 8970/5170 Hz, radiating 100 mW ERP at 8970 Hz
- Beeing visible in Russia and at all interested RX stations :-)
- Maybe a TA contact?
vy 73, Stefan/DK7FC *Dreaming...*

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