3 Nov 2009

More voice powered DX in the USA

Mike Rainey AA1TJ has pushed his DX up to 1329kms on 80m using his Code Talker TX (see left) which uses only the energy derived by shouting into a loudspeaker to power the transmitter - no external DC power sources at all. He worked W4OP at 0133z. Just visible is the tin can used to focus the shouts into the LS cone! I am beginning to think Mike will work some serious DXCC countries in the years to come using his "voice powered" TX. Imagine this rig into a beam on 10m when the sunspots are high.

Mike tells me he is having a go at a 20m version now.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Somebody should offer a prize for the first person to work all continents by larynx power.

I definitely will have to build one of these. I'm not very good at whistling though.