9 Mar 2009

ZL operation (more)

This is a picture of ZL/G3XBM/P operating from the hotel balcony in Queenstown, South Island, NZ. Nothing heard or worked on this occasion. Next real opportunity is Thursday March 12th when we get back to Christchurch. The far west coast of South Island around Haast is pretty remote with no mobile phone coverage at all, the nearest fuel 90-120kms away, nearest fire station 2 hours away and only one BC station audible on MW and Band 2 FM.


Michael, AA1TJ said...

Absolutely stunning photos, Roger!

BTW, my brother, Tom, made a year-long trip around the world a while back. I asked him if there were any place that beckoned him back. He didn't take a second before replying, "New Zealand and Thailand." Soak it up, Roger. :o)

Mike, AA1TJ

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Mike.

We are now back home again and certainly NZ was a truly wonderful place.

Check out our holiday blog at http://roglap.blogspot.com which has more pix and info.