5 Nov 2008

Is this the world's simplest transceiver?

My attention has been drawn to this circuit which is, as far as I am aware, the simplest transceiver I have ever seen that is likely to be capable of serious use. It looks like an even simpler version of the well known Pixie circuit but replacing the oscillator and PA with just an oscillator used as the TX and the mixer in a direct conversion RX.

For more information visit PY2OHH's website:


Anonymous said...

Yes I think this is the winner in such a category.
Not everybody can afford to buy transceivers.
Thanks for sharing this info.

PP5VX said...

No ! Miguel (PY2OHH) does it again !
This is only 11 components (2014)
And "Made in Brazil" ( hi )


73/DX de PP5VX (Bone)