21 Jul 2008

10m DSB Rig - started at last

For some time I have been toying with the idea of building a simple but effective 1-2W DSB transceiver for 28MHz. Well, this weekend I made a start by breadboarding the transmitter up to, but not yet including the final PA stage. The 2N3904 has been used throughout plus a couple of 1N4148 diodes (which seemed well matched) for the TX balanced mixer. Output from the balanced mixer was sub milliwatt so a couple of linear stages lift the output to around 50-100mW pep. With a single 2N3866 PA stage this should take me up to the 1-2W pep level.

Next stage to breadboard is a mixer-VFO. I am thinking of a 20MHz xtal oscillator (because I have a crystal) and an 8MHz VFO. Ideally I'd like a higher xtal oscillator so the VFO is lower in frequency and more stable.

The RX was breadboarded last week and uses a single balanced diode mixer followed by 2 stages of audio. This works really well with no sign of AM breakthrough at all.

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