7 Jul 2022

8m amateur band in the UK?

According to Keith in a previous post, OFCOM is supporting a proposal for a space based radar to measure ice thickness somewhere between 40-50MHz at WRC23.

Personally, I cannot think why this should prevent them allocating just 5 kHz in the ISM band, by NoV only, narrow digital only (no speech), strictly non-interference, to the amateur service in the UK.

Personally, I think OFCOM is totally nuts over this!! Self training? Traceability? T&I licences? Come on!! Get real OFCOM. For serious self training and research we need this. There is a critical shortage of RF engineers in the UK (I know first hand) and both OFCOM and the RSGB could help address this by giving us the chance of self training at 8m.  As it is we have to pay £50 annually to do this.

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