6 Jun 2015

Yaesu FT991

FT991 at www.hamradio.co.uk
There is only one commercial rig that I fancy and that is the FT991 from Yaesu.  This covers all HF including 50MHz as well as 144 and 432MHz. It does NOT cover 70MHz.  It also supports C4FM, not that this bothers me. For a 100W radio (it would get used at much lower powers) it is quite small. It is rated as a 50W radio on 144 and 432MHz.

Price in the UK is still too high at £1279.95. I am quite prepared to wait until the price reaches £999 or less. A price war will erupt soon between the main suppliers forcing prices downwards. Certainly by Christmas I expect it to be £999 with VAT. I can wait and wait. Of course, I suspect a cash price is already well below £1279, but I have not asked.

Of course, I'd prefer a 5W rig and if an FT817 replacement appears in the meantime that might well be considered at the right price. It is a pity they don't sell the 30W version which I suspect is available in Japan. Usual these are the S versions so keep an eye out for the FT991S. A true QRP version would be even better.

It appears there may have been some teething issues with the very first radios, but  these appear to have been resolved now. Most recent reviews on eHam have been very good.

See MLS at http://www.hamradio.co.uk/amateur-radio-main-equipment-base-station-radio-yaesu-base-station-radio/yaesu/yaesu-ft-991-hf-50mhz-vhf-uhf-base-station-transceiver-pd-5621.php.

For eHam reviews see http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/12025 .


G1KQH said...

Must admit I like this one too, but! Its price I agree is far too high! You can judge this where the FT-1200 came into the market and where the price is now..

Give it 12 months, and I predict if the exchange rate stays good against the Yen, the price of this Radio will fall well below £900. Plus the bugs and any hardware problems will also be ironed out, so in affect you will buy a better radio.

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes below £1000 and I start to consider it. Otherwise, I just wait. Waiting will certainly give them a chance to iron out the bugs.