24 Jun 2015

Greece:not off the hook yet? - NOT amateur radio

The last time I checked, the international creditors were still unhappy with the Greek proposals to overcome their debt problems. All sides are working to resolve these issues, but Greece could well have to leave the Euro. Things in Greece are bad now but without the ECB's support Greek banks will run out of money and the situation in Greece will be dire. This is not a good time to be Greek.


Hugh said...

Well, UK official debt is 1.5E12 pounds and probably real debt about double that. No country is out of the doo-doo yet. We will all be paying back for a long time yet thanks to the foolishness of our banking system, which, unfortunately the UK put above all other industries thanks to M.T. (rant over) Hugh G6AIG

Roger G3XBM said...

Hugh, I agree. We ALL have to live within our means as individuals and governments. With interest rates very low we are being treated kindly with our debts. Banks are a dirty word here. It frustrates me that bankers are still getting big fat bonuses when they should be paying us!

Hugh said...

The UK (and the whole of Europe) is desperately trying to inflate their economies,
to decrease the value of their debt (and your savings!) Good time to be VERY in the red! (like the banks) up up away in my beautiful balloon... QE here we come
unless the Greek default de-rails the whole system!
Anyway, 6m is JUMPING again hurray! Hugh (G6AIG) after 3 glasses or French red plonk!
(but no teatime Es)