9 Dec 2013


The last few weeks has seen me devouring a number of novels to kill the monotony of being in hospital still. Latest estimates are mid January for going home ,when I hope to be able to swallow some soft foods. Books read include:

"Oranges are not the only fruit" by Janice Winterton
"Night Fire" by Ken Follett
"Eye of the Needle "
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo " by Stieg Larsson

At the moment it takes about 3 days for a 560 page book. I am REALLY looking forward to going home when the ham radio blogging can resume.

Interestingly, I have read very few amateur radio books apart from  1 QST and a few RadComs and PWs. So far I have had visits  from around 45 people including a few local hams. My brother has raised over £1000 for the charity "Headway" as a result of my bleed on the brain.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear your doing so well Roger!


Anonymous said...

you can do it Roger!
Sometimes brain injury diminishes motivation. That makes it extra tough. Be determined!
I just discovered your website and love it. Thanks so much.
Peter VE3GYY

G1KQH said...

I could never get into novels as a kid or story books some would call them, I would rush to the end to find out the outcome. Even today I can't read novels the nearest being would be someones Autobiography of which I will only pick out bits of interest. Now electronic books or magazines, I can read from cover to cover, but starting in reverse from the back cover to the front, prehaps its all because I am left handed?

Now Roger you have been REALLY missed on this blog, I and I guess a few others are really looking forward to your continuation for a long time to come!

Oh and I do read the Blog the correct way around? :-)

73 G1KQH

Anonymous said...

This one's a nice read. I just finished it. Free download in .txt, .pdf, .epub. etc. So it should work with your phone, tablet, or Ereader (get a Kindle Paperwhite).

The Sea Rovers (1906), Wilson, Rufus Rockwell, 1865-1949


It is a historical account in a lively story-telling style of the lives of seamen of various persuasions at the turn of the century.

Best Wishes,

David, WB4ONA in Jakarta