18 Sept 2023

More countries on 8m?

It is rumoured that E51 (Cook Is) is trying to gain access to the 8m band. 

I very much hope that many more countries will try (and be granted) limited access to the band. We are approaching sunspot maximum and if more countries asked for, and were given, access even for a limited time, we could really contribute to radio science.

There will be times in the next few years when the MUF will just exceed 41 MHz. If you are asking your PTT for limited access, these are my suggestions:

  • 40.680 - 40.685 MHz (just 5 kHz in the ISM band)
  • 10W ERP
  • Narrow digital modes (e.g. FT8, WSPR, CW) only 
  • Secondary only
  • By NoV or equivalent (i.e. you have to ask for access)
  • Aim is mainly for propagation research.
  • Access for 12 months (around sunspot maximum)
  • Strictly no interference.
It is my view that by asking for modest things we are more likely to be successful. In the end I am sure that most users are almost exclusively interested in propagation research.

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