19 May 2022

8m DX

The better equipped 8m stations have been getting spots from a very long way away such as Argentina, Chile, South Africa and off Angola. With my low ERP I think this will be well beyond my expectations. 

My experiment is to find out what is possible with low ERP QRP and modest, low wire dipoles. So far, my conclusions on FT8 and WSPR is that locals and Es stations can spot me, but I have had no success, so far, with other G stations on 8m. 

By the way, FT8 or WSPR were used for these DX spots.

The favourite spot seems to be 40.680 MHz USB dial and the favourite mode FT8.

In my view, it seems a pity that all beacons don't have FT8 as part of their cycle and were all at 40.680 MHz USB dial so they all could be monitored 24/7. Of course they would all be on different audio spots so they were separated.

Imagine the excitement of seeing the spots after you'd been out of the shack for a while! I suspect if they were all on a single dial setting then more would be spotted at unusual times.

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