1 May 2021

Converting my main G3XBM website

In September old classic Google Sites have to convert to the New Sites or they close. So, I attempted to convert my old site, but this attempt failed. This may be finger trouble and I shall try again.  Why is it that things get worse? When I tried to convert it insisted in showing me my website from 2018 - why?!!

"If it ain't broke don't fix it". 

Oh yes!! Like Picasa going and so much else. Why is it that so many things get worse over time and not better?

If all else fails I may revert to my Virgin Media webspace under www.g3xbm.co.uk .

Also, some time ago, Google tried to get all bloggers to use their new editing tool for blogs. This was fine on my PC, but it was sooooo SLOW on a phone it was unusable. They have since fixed it.

The "attempt" at site conversion was dreadful!!

UPDATE 1525z: It appears I am not alone having issues. I may just create a totally new site in New Google Sites as I have several months.

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