8 Apr 2021


10 years ago I had a QSO with my Fredbox transceiver on 2m AM as the photo shows. 

I still have the Fredbox, but sadly there is little AM still on 2m. 

In its day, AM was an effective mode on 2m. These days there is far less chatting. Apart from organised nets on FM and contests there is, sadly, less activity. Many now prefer the "rubber stamp" exchanges with FT8.

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g4apb said...

I gave up AM many years ago as a newly licensed amateur when an irate neighbour hammered on our front door to complain quite aggressively that he could hear everything I was saying on my radio over his hifi system. Apparently he had long loudspeaker wiring routed all over his house. When I called the then GPO for help, they closed me down! I was only allowed to use CW after that until I moved house many years later.