27 Jun 2015

Tunisia - NOT amateur radio

I feel sorry for this nation which is bound to be adversely affected by the killings yesterday. Tunisia is a peaceful country that just wanted to get on with life as usual. Sadly, this will not be so for some time to come: tourists are likely to choose alternative destinations and avoid Muslim nations.

Surely, in the end, this is counter-productive? Whatever your views on Islam are, people are likely to become fearful of these people, when the vast majority just want to live in peace and share kindness. Sadly there is evil in our world which must never defeat us.


G1KQH said...

All these problems are fuelled by the Internet, turn it off and life would be more normal. Thats if folk can remember what normal was?

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

Steve, the internet is a powerful tool for good or evil. Sadly, some want to use it to try to destroy society. History suggests they are doomed to failure and good will triumph. If they want to the "powers that be" can happily monitor my traffic but I think they'd soon fall asleep!

Unknown said...

Steve - seriously? You think the internet is to blame for geo-politics and violence. Wow. Just, wow.

And what is "normal" anyway? When was the world ever "normal".

Just sayin'


David G8JGO.