5 Jun 2015

Stroke update - a disappointing day

Today I found a recording of my voice dated last August. My XYL heard it and thought it was a recent recording.  So, it really means my poor voice has not really improved since last summer. I was gutted. I still feel very giddy, am breathless whenever I try to speak, have poor thin liquid drinking,  although I think I am less tired than I was. I will never give up, but this is a real setback.  Am I really getting better or are my disabilities that remain with me for ever now? I certainly want to get better as I feel so unwell still.


Rupert N2OTO said...

Keep recharging your batteries, one day your green light may be on!

Roger G3XBM said...

Rupert - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Roger,

let's look at the bright side. You can write beautiful ham radio articles that are being read and spread joy all over the world. Most people will never get there. (In fact you got me very interested in optical communication)

Don't loose hope and never be disappointed, life is just to short for that.

73 Jan DK3LJ