11 Jun 2015

Mizuho QRP SSB rigs

I don't think this company still exists.

At one time you could buy Mizuho single band SSB handhelds for many bands up to 2m including many HF bands.  I owned the 2m 200mW pep version (MX2) and managed to work some decent SSB DX with mine mostly with a 1/2wave whip on the rig. The main issue was the poor battery life, so I tended to use an external 9.6V battery.

My rig was used in the main with a homebrew 2m-10m transverter and I worked all over the world on 10m with just the tiny Mizuho rig on the desk.

If I remember right I covered the CW and main SSB parts of 10m by having a couple of crystals in the transverter. Somewhere I still have the transverter, although it has not been used for years.

See https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/vuhf/mx2 .


Anonymous said...

There were useful rigs but, nowadays they are very expensive in the used market. Like antiques hihi 73

Anonymous said...

Agreed they're too expensive now. I'm sorry that I sold my MX-2 (for £35).
Look at recent ebay prices for Mizhuho transceivers.

Regards, Rhys


MX-2 £53 (dirty)
MX-2 £135 !
MX-2 £51 (bit scratched)
MX-2 £54
MX-2 £75
MX2 £113
MX-2 £112

MX-3.5 £80
MX-3.5S £82


MX-6 £97
MX-6 FAULTY £83.50

MX-7S £151
MX-7S £163
MX-7S £168 ant mic case
MX-7s £280 !CRAZY!
MX-7 £78
MX-7S £155

MX-14 £216!
MX-14S £165
MX-14 £224 !
MX-14 £212 psu sidetone
MX-14S £191
MX-14S £368 !!

MX-21S £123
MX-21S £157 with PL-21S Linear and CW- 2S Monitor
MX-21S £455

Mizuho SB2-M £80
Mizuho SB2m £41 No sign of life.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know December 2012 Mizuho finished their business, while Pico transceiver series were discontinued in 2004.

Early Pico series (MX-6, 6Z, 15, 10 and 2), in JA market early 1980s were 19800JPY(kit).
Pico Super series (MX-6S, 3.5S, 7S, 14S, 18S, 21S, 24S, 28S) were 24000JPY(kit) since 1983. It became 32000JPY when discontinued.