24 Jun 2015

Gardening - NOT amateur radio

This afternoon was fine and dry, so it was a chance to do a bit more gardening.  Because of my 2013 brain bleed, I soon get very exhausted and this was the case today. I managed a couple of plants and dug in some flower bed edging, by which time I was so tired. What has changed is that I soon recover. In the past I would be totally exhausted for hours but within 15 minutes I was out with the hose.

This last few weeks I do seem a little bit better.  Although I still get tired I don't seem to be "done in" totally. Although I still have to take just sips, I do seem to be able to drink more thin liquids. Progress is slow, but I think I can still see progress.


gj7rwt said...

Keep on improving and the next time your in Jersey I will treat you to a fruits de mer and a glass of the cold white stuff :-)

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks. Improvements are slow! Jersey is a lovely place.