16 Jun 2015

4X1RF DX yet again

At teatime tonight G0OQK was copied on 6m WSPR by 4X1RF (3555km). Amazing distances again. If this is multi-hop Es then I am amazed.


Steve McDonald said...

Roger .... Here in western Canada, single hop e is typically no longer than 1200 miles or about 2000km. Double hop would max out at twice that. I've often heard double hop stations without anything at the first hop heard since much of the central USA is sparsely populated. Perhaps there are no WSPR spotters midway between you and the 4X station?

Steve VE7SL

Roger G3XBM said...

Steve you could be right but this is Europe and I would have expected some stations in the skip zone. It would not surprise me at all to find some new Es mechanism is involved in this and similar long Es paths.

Unknown said...

There was also a very good path to Portugal. CT1PT was +6dB with me. I checked on WSPR.net and you are correct, there are no active stations below the north of Italy, between me and Israel. I was however being received in the north of Italy. I'm pleased with my Rasperry Pi, which is driving FT-817, it is far more stable than WSPR on the XP machine. It has been up now for a couple of weeks without a crash and only uses a couple of Watts.


Nick G0OQK