13 Jun 2015

10m - my best band of all

10m has always been my best band. I have lost count of the DXCC totals with QRP SSB. Chasing countries has never been a real activity of mine, although I still get a "kick" from working a new country.

At sunspot peaks it supports world-wide DX with QRP and simple wire antennas. Even in the quiet solar years there is often some DX to be found and usually late April to September there is sporadic-E (Es) to be found with good signals over ranges up to around 1500km and sometimes further. These are for the northern hemisphere.  There tends to be a smaller Es peak around December/January.  It is the reverse in the southern hemisphere. It is quite normal to hear USA stations by Es in the summertime, but usually openings are not for long.

If 10m is quiet it is worth checking CB frequencies (11m) as a "band open" sign. Often CB can be busy when 10m is quiet due to lack of activity.  Thanks to Steve VE7SL for this good advice.

At night and in the quiet years it is an ideal band for local nets on FM or AM. At 1.7MHz wide it is big band so all modes can be supported.

See https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/hf/10m_op .


G1KQH said...

I would get yourself another of those bargain Lincoln's, you could have it at the side of your bed and monitor the early 10m morning DX before the Teasmade goes off.

73 Steve

Anonymous said...

1.7Mhz. Just think of all those AM signals you could pack in to the band ;-)

G1KQH said...

Just the long wire aerial hard to fit in a postage stamp back garden :-(

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

Actually Steve I could fit a 66 feet long wire in the back garden

G1KQH said...

You are very lucky! I struggle with a half sized G5RV (51ft) here..

If I win the lotto I will buy a farm. Until then reality is verticals and small wires, well loaded..

From Postage stamp back yard..

73 Steve